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Education, Position & more


B.S.: In Plant Protection, 1998-2002.

M.Sc.: In Agricultural Entomology, 2002-2004.

Ph.D: In Systematic Entomology, 2004-2009. Shahid Chamran University (SCU)


• Associate Professor, Department of Plant Protection, SCU. (2015 to date)

• Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Protection, SCU. (2009 to 2015)

• Head of Department of Plant Protection, SCU. (2010 to 2012)

• Lecturer, Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, SCU, Ahvaz, Iran (2005 to 2009)

• Supervisor of the library of the agriculture college, SCU (2005 to 2007)

Teaching Experience (at SCU):


 • Invertebrate Zoology

 • General & Advanced Entomology

 • Principles of Insect Classification


 • Insect Classification

Professional Memberships: 

• Entomological Society of Iran (ESI) – Sustaining Member, Since 1998

• Iranian Society of Biology (ISB) – Sustaining Member, Since 2005

• Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica (SEL) – Ordinary member, since 2007

• EURO Working Group on the Operational Research in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine (EWG CBBM) – Member, Since 2006


• 2016 Distinguished Assistant Professor at 60th anniversary celebration of Shahid Chamran University

• 2011 Distinguished Instructor Award – SCU (selected by students)

• 2010 Travel Grant for attending IX European Congress of Entomology, Hungary, Awarded by SCU

• 2008 Research fellowship to conduct part of PhD research at University of Helsinki-Finland (9 months) – Awarded by Ministry of science, research & technology of Iran

• 2008 Travel Grant for attending XXIII International Congress of Entomology, South Africa Awarded by SCU

• 2008 Travel Grant for attending 1st Biology conference for Iranian Scholars in Europe, Germany, Awarded by Ministry of science, research & technology of Iran

• 2007 Travel Grant for attending XXVII Nordic-Baltic Congress of Entomology, Sweden Awarded by Ministry of science, research & technology of Iran

• 2006 Travel Grant for attending a geometric morphometrics workshop at METU, Turkey Awarded by Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey

• 2005 Active researcher award – SCU

• 2005-2008 Full PhD Scholarship, Awarded by Ministry of science, research & technology

• 2004 The first rank in PhD entrance exam – Shahid Chamran University

• 2004 Top MSc graduate

 Workshop attended:

• Attending a workshop on Geometric Morphometrics at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY. (Organizer: Prof. Aykut Kence, Instructors: Prof. F.J. Rohlf, State Univ. of New York – Dr. D.C. Adams, Iowa State Univ.- Dr. D.E. Slice; 12-16 June, 2006).

• Attending a course on cladistics (Instructors: Prof Jaakko Hyvönen), University of Helsinki – 2008

• Attending several workshops on Teaching Strategies, Methods & Tools of Research-SCU: 2009-2012

Research visit:

• Visiting the State Museum of Nature History Karlsruhe – Germany (Sept. 2015)

• Research visit at the Finnish Museum of Natural History – Zoological museum (University of Helsinki – Finland), (under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kauri Mikkola) (June 1st 2008 till February 29th 2009)

• Research visit at the Hungarian Nature History Museum – Lepidoptera Collection (22 Aug.- 4 Sept. 2010)

• Visiting the Naturhistorische Museum, Vienna, Austria – Sept. 2010

• Visiting the Evolutionary Biology Centre – Zoological Collection, Uppsala University, Sweden (29 Jul. – 4 Aug. 2007)